Today, I share with you one of the best motivational videos I've ever seen. It has the precise words, not too long, not too short. And it gives you the mental energy that you need in order to accomplish a difficult task. Next time, when you'll have to do something hard, think about your critics. Prove them wrong!

You hear that? It's silence.

That's when the critics don't have anything more to say.
That's when they hide behind their desks.
That's when they try to muster up some explanation and change their words.

Listen to ME critics.
You don't know victory and you don't know defeat.
So it's easy to sit there and say who's going to do what, who's going to crumble, it's easy to say "I'm not good enough".
It's a lot easier to say that it can't be done, than it is to be the one to work to the point where you're the one who's scrutinized.

But you listen to me REAL close now. 
It's doesn't matter what you or anyone else says about me, because YOU have absolutely no bearing on who I become.
Because all that matters is what I do.
And you can BET that I'm going to prove you wrong.
Because I believe in MYSELF, even if you don't believe in me, and I know what I'll become, even if you can't see it yet.

You see, you're on the side lines, you're on the outside, you're not on the field with me, so you don't know what the 50m wind sprint feels like, you're not in the gym with me so you don't know what exhaustion actually is, you're not the one playing with me so you don't know pressure if it hit you in the face. And you're not the one who's under the microscope, because YOU didn't have MY FIRE, you didn't have the drive, and you didn't have the will to get here like I did.

And when you forgot how I proved you wrong before, I'll show you again and again.
And when I failed and you think I have nothing left, that means I'm JUST getting started.

YOUR words, they don't predict the outcome, they don't set up my destiny, all they do though is add fuel to my FIRE.
Washed up, over the hill, too slow, too short, inexperienced, can't post up, can't shoot, ball hog, not enough heart, can't play defense, can't win the big one, what do you got man? 

Come on, spit it out. 


So it's all good, tell me I'm not good enough, tell me that I can't do it, cause I'm going to show you over and over again.... that I CAN.

Silence is golden!

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Use your critics to fuel your mind and body

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