Mastering the power of persuasion requires the expenditure of significant resources. Persuasion requires sacrifice. You'll have to invest resources and suppress your most immediate answers. You'll have to be patient, but it'll be worth it. In this publication, you will learn why it is so hard to persuade, but also, why it is so useful.

The means of persuasion
"Character may almost be called
the most effective means of persuasion".

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1. Why is it so difficult to persuade?

1. It takes longer. Persuading takes more time, but its effects are equally more lasting.

2. You must have a positive attitude and you need to be in better control of your emotions. In order to persuade you must keep a cool head. Your emotions will have to be suppressed or expressed in a much more controlled manner.

3. You need to develop better ideas. The art of persuasion is achieved through strategic thinking. Your mind must be creative and will have to analyze and integrate large amounts of information in a very short period of time. Sometimes thinking can be tiring.

We get bored quickly and the use of conscious and specific thoughts wears us. To persuade, we need to be concentrated and we must submit our mind to a great effort. However, the benefits far outweigh this investment.

4. Laborious actions must be undertaken. Persuasion requires effective and focused actions directed at someone specific. Often, these actions will be difficult to implement, either because they are things we do not like to do or because they require too much effort on our part.

In this video you will learn 3 means of persuasion based on the ideas of Aristotle. It's a very simple but effective explanation.

"Rhetoric may be defined as the faculty
of observing in any given case
the available means of persuasion.
This is not a function of any other art".

3 means of persuasion: Aristotle
"In making a speech one must study three points:
first, the means of producing persuasion;
second, the language;
third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech".

2. Why persuasion is so useful?

1. It produces certain effects on a person to influence their actions, thoughts, sensations (physiological reactions), emotions (psychological reactions) and feelings (lasting mental constructs).

2. It allow us to attract and fascinate people through the charisma we irradiate while being persuasive.

3. We can achieve a mental and emotional identification with the mood of the other, who will immediately note this connection or empathy.

4. It makes you have a special attraction to others, creating an aura of magnetism.

5. Generates a perception of reliability and acceptance of the individual using it.

Here's an expert on persuasion talking about influence and how it works

"Persuasion is often more effectual than force".

As you can guess, the use of persuasion is a basic tool for your personal growth process. Of course, you should have a set of appropriate beliefs and you will have to optimize and maximize the effects of persuasion techniques you use with your mental attitudes.

Therefore, the mental and emotional adjustments I propose in the blog are very important. If you apply them all together, you will attain immediate changes in your life and your relationships with others will be exceptional.

A piece of advice: Do not manipulate, persuade

Attempts of manipulation, violence, domination, submission, imposition of ideas and lifestyles, brainwashing, etc., are failed attempts at persuasion. We often have good intentions but we do not know the best way to make others to do something and then we fall very easily into these coercive attempts.

Once you learn to use persuasion effectively, you won't have to resort back to negative strategies like those.

In this video you will learn how to use your voice so people want to listen to you. This is an specific example of the efforts of persuasion. To persuade others, you will need to modulate your voice and make precise adjustments, but the overall effect will be very rewarding.

"Thaw with her gentle persuasion
is more powerful than Thor with his hammer.
The one melts,
the other breaks into pieces".
Henry David Thoreau

In terms of the things we have to do to persuade someone, it will be much easier to coerce or manipulate others. This is why most of us opt for negative forms of persuasion. However, our relationships will always be affected to some extent if we take the easiest path.

The science of persuasion
"I think the power of persuasion
would be the greatest superpower of all time".
Jenny Mollen


If case you missed it, here's an animation video about the 6 main principles of persuasion. This is the first lesson you need to master in order to be persuasive.

"Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art".
William Bernbach

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