One of the first things that should be clear in your mind about exercising is why you want to do it. So I need to ask yourself exactly what you want to achieve with exercise. If you think you do not want to achieve anything in particular, I would like you to begin to wonder why you think it would be good to exercise. For now, focus on the benefits (later we will discuss the costs of exercise and why it's worth the effort).

With some psychological literature, I have designed the following questionnaire for you to begin to identify the reasons why you like -or would like- to exercise. This will help you to know which things can motivate you more when you do not feel like exercising.

Self-report of motives and attitudes towards physical exercise

Below are a number of reasons and beliefs that most people have about physical activity in all its forms (like leisure, like exercise, like sport). Read each statement carefully and answer in what extent each motive or attitude is true -or would be true if you were to practice exercise- specifically for you. Please note that there are no right or wrong answers.

Answer as honestly as possible and make sure you have available at least ten minutes to think every answer calmly.

If you consider an item not to be true in your case or if you strongly disagree with the statement, rate the statement with 1. If you think that the reason or statement given is completely true for you or if you totally agree with that statement, qualify the statement with 5. If you believe that reason is only true in part or almost nothing, then qualify the statement with 2 if you disagree, 3 if you are unsure and 4 if you agree.

1: Totally disagree
2: Disagree
3: Unsure
4: Agree
5: Totally agree

At the end of each set of questions, summarize your qualifications for the total score of each of the five groups of questions.

Anatomical-functional and aesthetic reasons

I have practiced, practice or want to practice physical activity to:

1. Improve my performance in sports.
2. Improve my physical appearance and/or stay thin.
3. Look younger.
4. Be more agile.
5. Maintain/increase my endurance.
6. Maintain/increase flexibility.
7. Recover from an illness or injury.
8. Burn calories.
9. Grow muscle.
10. Become stronger.

Interpersonal reasons

I have practiced, practice or want to practice physical activity:

1. To spend time with friends.
2. To enjoy the social aspects of exercise.
3. To obtain some kind of recognition, specially when I surpass myself.
4. To have fun exercising with others
5. To be as healthy as I have fun with others.

6. Because I like meeting new people and environments and I think one of the advantages of practicing physical activity is to know more people.
7. Because I think the practice of physical activity can help me relate to others.
8. Because I like -or I would like- to practice physical activity accompanied by someone.
9. Because I like doing physical activity with others to motivate myself to work harder.
10. Because I think that if I do physical activity with others it will bore me less.

Health reasons

I have practiced, practice or want to practice physical activity:

1. Because the doctor has advised me to do so.
2. To prevent a particular disease (which happens a lot in my family) and/or to prevent heart problems
3. To control my weight.
4. To develop a balanced lifestyle and keep my body healthy.

5. Because I believe that, at my age, the effects of having a sedentary lifestyle can become serious and I think that a sedentary lifestyle really is bad for me.
6. Because I believe that there are good chances to develop a serious disease because of a sedentary lifestyle.
7. Because I worry about people who have had serious health complications for being sedentary and I don't want to be one of them.
8. Because I have heard about the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle and I am willing to practice physical activity regularly to avoid them.
9. Because I think that if I practice physical activity I will have less risks of developing certain diseases that are alarming for me.
10. Because I think that a sedentary life facilitates the development of bad habits and eating disorders.

Self-improvement reasons

I have practiced, practice or want to practice physical activity:

1. To prove myself.
2. To show others what I'm worth.
3. To get to do things that others can not do.
4. Because I like to compare my skills with others.
5. Because I enjoy facing and overcoming challenges.
6. Because I like to have some goals for which to strive.
7. Because I like or I would try to win by doing so.

8. Because I like -or I would like- to follow a schedule of physical activities performed.
9. Because I would like to be able to practice regular physical activity (150 minutes per week) for at least six months.
10. Because I have practiced -or practice- physical activity even though I think I have no time or I'm very busy and I like that feeling of acomplishment (or I would like to feel that).

Enjoyment reasons

I have practiced, practice or want to practice physical activity:

1. As a means of escape from the everyday.
2. To reduce everyday stress.
3. Because it makes me feel good about myself.
4. Because it gives me time to think about everything -or nothing-.
5. Because I like the feeling that I have when I exercise and/or because it seems fun to me.
6. Because it gives me energy and helps me to recharge batteries.
7. Because it makes me feel satisfied.

8. Because I feel sad when I can not organize my time to practice physical activity.
9. Because it bothers me when I can not be physically active for a long period of time.
10. Because, before, during and/or after physical activity I feel happy.

We are going to assume that if you have a score above 25 in a particular group of questions, your attitudes and beliefs regarding that aspect of physical activity may be a motivating factor for you.

Without attempting to impose the reasons that you should have for exercise, but rather, based on your own ideas about exercise, I say to you now: You can begin your road to transformation.

And well, what aspects of exercise motivates you the most?
Leave a comment and share your test results!

Find the spanish version of the test at: ¿Qué te puede motivar realmente a hacer ejercicio? Descúbrelo con este cuestionario

Remember that you're allowed to fall, but you must get back up!

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