In the previous publications about passion, we explored two simple but extremely powerful ideas to talk about change and the pursuit of our passion: "simple ideas, great changes" and "simple ideas, great meanings". Overall, we concluded that passion can come from simple ideas but with great meaning.

While focusing on the pursuit of passion as a change you make in your life; in this third installment of the series I will complement this pair of ideas with the idea of action.

When you add specific actions to significant ideas, you achieve change and transformation; and from there, it will be much easier to find your passion.

Remember then this simple formula "simple ideas + significant meanings + small actions = big changes".

Ways to find your passion in life

Small actions, big changes

It's not enough to change the way we feel and think for us to achieve the change we want in our lives. If you do not act to find your passion, you will never find it. You have to find your passion instead of waiting for it to manifest somehow. You'll have to get off the couch, turn off the TV and do many things in order to distinguish what you love in the midst of all the things you do or you can get to do everyday.

However, you do not have to undertake huge actions and projects to achieve this goal. Do not get bogged down by this false fact. You just have to do something slightly different, every day, whenever you can. There has not to be something extraordinary, it has not to be something that completely alters your routine.

How to find your life's passion

Discover your passion in life altering your routine

For any change to occur in your life, it has to always happen the same thing: something disrupts your routine or something makes you out of your comfort zone. Do not wait for something external. Don't wait until someone or something forces you to do something different.

Instead, try to get out of the boundaries of your comfort zone or your habits whenever you can. This will open your mind and behavior to new ideas with extraordinary meanings.

Whenever you have the opportunity to transform the things you do every day, try it. Change the way you do things, play with the schedules, play with styles, play with the rhythm and the speed of your chores, play with different tools. Have fun.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes or wasting time doing something that you are not used to. After all, you're not spending all day doing it. 20 minutes will be enough for your daily quota in your quest for your change and your passion.

Things you can do to find your passion

What I want to convey is that you do not have to invest large amounts of time, money and mental and physical efforts to make changes in your life. When we invest many resources and fail to see tangible results, quickly we get discouraged and give up our investment.

However, when we feel that our investing is minimum and does not affect us at all, because it is small but lasting, we will be more willing to hold longer.

For this reason I am not interested in asking you to buy all the equipment necessary for you to practice a new sport or to spend three hours a day doing something new.

Change works step by step, and in most cases is very, very, very slow. Once you understand how change works, you should adapt to its ways of operation: go step by step, go slowly. Get in tune with the change!

Find the spanish version of this post at: Encuentra tu pasión en la vida - Parte 3

Remember that you're allowed to fall, but you must get back up!

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