How to discover your passions and create a life that you love
Right now you have thousands of reasons and huge incentives to change, but when you meet a new meaning, you will not need more.

Last time we were discussing the meaning of things in life and we concluded that we are responsible for the meaning of the things in our lives such as a rainy day or a happy day. In this post, I will develop this idea to make you understand that, in the pursuit of your passion, a change of meaning doesn't imply "big" or "many" changes.

A new meaning is not necessarily a great meaning

Perhaps you have found many reasons to change something in your life, but suddenly, out of nowhere, appears an idea or an emotion that definitely convince you and gives you the psychological energy needed to start changing.

The most amazing thing I want to communicate you today is that this meaning can be something small, minimal, insignificant, unimportant. However, it will change your life in a way that you can not imagine. In other words, a change of meaning or the encounter of a new meaning does not require much preparation or psychological effort.

By this, I mean that you do not need a very good reason to change. You also do not need an excessive dose of motivation or huge amounts of willingness to change. In fact, change can born from a bad idea or a tiny change in behavior. This is the basis of chaos theory, small changes (often unpredictable changes) can lead to big changes. The flapping of a butterfly on one part of the planet can produce a tornado across the world.

Find your passion now!
In more concrete words: Passion in your life may be manifested by a change (apparently) insignificant in your life.

You do not need too many changes to make the first move

You do not need a lot of reasons or an impressive cluster of energy to (being to) transform your life. You do not need every possible reason in order to convince yourself to change. You do not need all the available energies. You just need a reason, a simple behavior or a feeling that makes sense to you, that means something important or special for you.

You simply need an idea that convinces you. Nonetheless, that idea has to be special at least in one sense: you should not put up much psychological resistance to that idea.

This idea will have a special configuration for you, it will be something remarkable in your life. But the idea that will bring change to your life does not have to be something important, elaborate or complex. It can be as simple as reading a sentence in a book, listening to a conversation between two strangers, seeing a picture on the internet or on television, hearing an inconsequential phrase in a movie, etc.

This idea, like a meme (like a virus), will be implemented in your head with such force that it will be impossible to forget. Of course, this idea will not be easy to find. We will have to work very hard -mentally, physically and emotionally- until that idea appears, then everything will go easier for us.

Tips to find your real passion
This idea can be very personal and private or, conversely, may be common, something that everybody thinks, feels or knows.

The pursuit of passion will be successful if we are always open to change

To find our passion, we must be willing to see the world in different ways. We must be willing to change small things in the way we feel, think and act.

Sometimes passion appear before us without any significant effort, but sometimes it is necessary to try many things before a new meaning can change your life. It may be something new, something you have never done, thought or felt; but it also may be something you even consider unimportant routine right now.

That is why the meaning is so important: because it helps us differentiate between important and insignificant things in our lives.

So this is what you need to do:

The second task for you is to transform the debilitating belief that change in your life comes after you do something very difficult, or that change is something that you strive for in a superhuman way, or something that you study incessantly until it gets into your head, or something that should think about long enough until you find something outstanding.
Suggestions to begin the search for your life passion
Change can occur after a tremendously simple event of your life.

If you implement this key idea to find your passion, you will notice that passion does not have to be something that will change your life completely. You might even doing already what you love, but you have not given it the proper meaning for it to become your true passion in life.

In conclusion, the powerful belief that you have to carve in your brain is:

Simple ideas + New meanings = Your change/Your passion.

You can read a slightly different version of this post, in spanish, here: Encuentra tu pasión en la vida: Parte 2.
Remember that you're allowed to fall, but you must get back up!

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