In this post, I give continuation to the first part of the introduction of the topic about self-confidence. You can find the first part of the series at: Believe in yourself: Keys to develop self-confidence - Part 1 and also you can find a slightly different version of the post translated to spanish at: Cree en ti mismo: Claves para desarrollar auto-confianza

The dangers of a poorly developed self-confidence

When we don't believe in ourselves, we gradually lose control of ourselves, we abandon our healthy and productive habits, we lose our security about ourselves and we neglect our personal growth, we begin to become weak and perhaps we will devote ourselves in believing in stronger people that will always tell us what to do and how to it. We become dependent.

If we continue like this, soon we will be in total despair. We will begin to feel unfairly treated by "life". We will develop a extraordinary capacity for excuse making, for putting ourselves in the place of the victim and thus begin to avoid our responsibilities.

We will complain, we will feel angry and we will feed our frustration with envy towards anyone who doesn't act, think or feel as us.

At this point, we will be unable to learn from our mistakes and we will be focused on what we do not have and all we need to be fully satisfied with ourselves. Laziness will invade our lifestyle and perhaps we will focus on trivial tasks: sleeping, eating, organizing and cleaning our room, watching TV, talking with our friends, etc.

In the end, our confidence will be completely destroyed. We will be unable to take risks and we will always go for the guaranteed thing, ignoring valuable opportunities because of the fear of criticism, rejection and/or failure.

Ultimate Ways to Build Self-Confidence

Why do I describe all of this?

Well, because these are the signs you should not overlook if you lack a good level of self-confidence. Pay attention to all these things and quickly identify if your lack of self-confidence is deteriorating even more. And stop it!

If you have any of these features, please do not think it is because is a normal feature in yourself. These characteristics are part of a damaged self-confidence and need to be treated properly.

Do not blame fate. Do not protect yourself under the comfortable idea that things "were not made for me".

It is very difficult to get rid of many of these strings, so the sooner you do, the easier it will be for you to regroup and take back control of your life.

Developing self-esteem is key to your self-confidence and success

Many people have the skills necessary for success, but simply lack confidence in their ability use those skills under specific conditions, for example, under pressure. Thus, in the most inappropriate time, we begin to doubt ourselves and our doubts break our concentration, cause indecision weakens our performance.

Once we begin to doubt ourselves, even if we have the necessary skills, we focus on our weaknesses and pay attention to everything except what we are doing.

Often, our lack of confidence in these cases only compromises a particular skill, but this situation may overflow and reach other skills.

My message to you is: criticize and inflict yourself psychological pain through negative self-talk will have no positive effects on your confidence. The way professionals and athletes boost their confidence is through a series of mental exercises designed in a positive way.

This may sound a bit simple to you, but a phrase like "I can do it!" is far more effective that saying in your mind "I suck at this. Today is not my day. I'm doing it all wrong, etc."

Speak positively about yourself.
Think positively about yourself.
Pay attention to the positive things people say about you.
Feel positive and work on your self esteem.

Believe in yourself: Keys to develop self-confidence + Your Change Is Now

Finally, I want you to watch this video about confidence is our self-image. Meaghan Ramsey: Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you

About 10,000 people a month Google the phrase, “Am I ugly?” Meaghan Ramsey of the Dove Self-Esteem Project has a feeling that many of them are young girls. In a deeply unsettling talk, she walks us through the surprising impacts of low body and image confidence—from lower grade point averages to greater risk-taking with drugs and alcohol. And then shares the keys things all of us can to disrupt this reality.

Do you think you do not need to have a great confidence to achieve growth as a person? Would you say that trust is something that is built during the process of change or is it something we have to achieve first in order to change something in us? Would you like more information about any topic discussed here? Leave me a comment!

Remember that you're allowed to fall, but you must get back up!

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