In this post, I'm going to talk about the story of Rudy in the movie, if you could not watch it. If you want to see the movie (something I deeply recommend you to do), wait for the next post about this movie here or read the first part here.

The true story of Rudy

After age 22, Rudy's best friend, who always believed in him, dies in an accident. Shocked by this loss, Rudy realized that he must follow the dream he had since he was a child. Everybody only anticipated failure in Rudy's initiative. His girlfriend did not support him and soon, she left him. His father tried to anchor him to "his place" within the family, the village and the world, telling him that he could live comfortably with a simpler and less ambitious life, without having to take risks to chase an impossible dream, without wasting his time chasing something that he would never get.

Rudy ignored all of his and traveled to the University, but his grades were too low to be accepted. With his savings, he began to study at a junior college with the idea of ​​transferring to Notre Dame when he could get good grades. Rudy had a learning disability, but he was willing to study hard and take hundreds of lecture notes in order to get good grades.

Then, he met a tutor who helped him academically. Rudy had no money to pay for his personalized classes; so he made a deal with his tutor: The tutor was very shy and he wanted to have a girlfriend. So, Rudy will introduce many girls to him so he could get a girlfriend. Rudy did not know any girls in college, so he invested a lot of time to meet girls and then present them to his new friend and tutor.

Rudy wanted to be near Notre Dame's football team, but he was not a student at Notre Dame, so he could not even take care of the organization and cleaning of the implements of the team. However, he offered himself to work for free with one of the people responsible for maintaining the stadium in which Notre Dame played. He did this just to be involved in any way with his dream.

Rudy was homeless, but he managed to sleep in a room maintenance without nobody knowing it, while he still attended to his classes. At the end of each semester, he was sending a letter to be accepted into Notre Dame. After many failed attempts, he was finally accepted.

The first thing he did when he was accepted was to go to the trials for the football team. His physical condition did not impress anyone, but the enthusiasm with which he made each exercise in order to be accepted, in the end, convinced the coaches, who gave him the opportunity to be a "tackling dummy" for the other players. In other words, the team was supposed to train at the expense of Rudy's physical safety.

For two years, Rudy tried to be listed on the team, but simply put, his physical capacity was insufficient, and it has always had been. However, Rudy kept training with the team, inspiring everyone with his energy and passion for the sport.

Rudy was not talented, but he was more persistent than any player in the team. He put his body and soul into every training.

In the end, his companions admired him so much that they insisted the coach to allow him to dress like a player in one of the official games of the team. The insistence of his colleagues was so intense that the coach reluctantly accepted. This way, Rudy achieved his dream. He even led his teammates to the field before the game and he was allowed to play in the final seconds thanks to his teammates. In the end, they raised him triumphantly off the field, an honor that no player has ever had in the history of the team.


You can read a slightly different version of this post in spanish here: Inspiración de película: Rudy: Reto a la gloria

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