We need to be more like the kind of person that Rudy is. These kind of people believe in themselves more than the opinions of others and they have the self-confidence and security necessary to do everything possible to get what they want. Many people like Rudy have defied the statistics and what others think impossible, using the negative reviews as fuel to prove to others how wrong they are.

For example, some athletes do not have what is known as "biotype", even though they can practice the sport in which they are engaged. Quite simply, not having the right biotype means that your body does not meet the standard requirements for a given sport.

But the so called "biotype" is only a measure. The smallest athlete who has played in the best basketball league in the world, the NBA, was only 1.60 meters tall (5'2''). 23 players like him now are part of the history of the NBA, because they were only 1.75 meters tall (5'7'') -or less-. Two of them still play today.

This is simply amazing because the average height of a professional basketball player is 2 meters (6'5''). Of course, height in this sport is a crucial component. And such examples can be found in almost all sports.

In such cases it is worth asking where the limits really are. Surely, a great part of limits are in our mind, not our body. Although almost no one would be able to remember, there have been many people who have had everything to succeed (biotype, opportunities, endorsements, etc.) and go far, but they have not.

I assure you that the tallest or strongest players are not the best. And I'm also sure that the most talented does not necessarily win championships or major awards. And this is so easy to recognize, that you can easily generalize this conclusion to almost any competitive sport context.

You need to bear in mind that you have the power to transform your reality, to overcome the statistics ¡or to make the impossible so statistics include you!. The single most important factor to achieve your strongest desires does not lay in the things you can not change, like your physical abilities or certain talents, but in the things you do can change and improve.

The most important factor to make a dream true is unpredictable, you can not measure it and it has no limits, but it is available for you and for anyone.

You just have to be stubborn enough.
You just have to be motivated enough.
You just have to fight for what you want enough.

There are people with better resources than yours (and there always will be), but in many cases, what makes the real difference is that you want to achieve something more than everybody else. When you want victory more than anybody else. That desire may have more momentum than all other factors combined.

Rudy is a profound example of the human ability to surmount obstacles and achieve success, said UVUSA Student Senator Billy Swadley. His presence at UVU will set the tone for how students tackle their own personal barriers this school year.

Ruettiger, the son of an oil refinery worker and third of 14 children, has become one of the most popular motivational speakers in the United States. His story of overcoming the doubt and numerous obstacles preventing him from going to college and achieving his ultimate dream of playing for the Fighting Irish has become a classic through the namesake movie he inspired.

Swadley said UVUSA hopes Ruettigers message will set the tone for an achievement-filled school year.

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