"Getting what you want is only a problem 
if you have nowhere to go next. 
Dreaming is a lifetime occupation."

Motivational Movies: The famous Rudy's Tackle

Let's consider for a moment our dreams, be them large or small, possible or impossible. Surely we have the belief that, because of certain past and current conditions, some of our fondest dreams are only possible in an alternate universe.

Without thinking too much, we discard our dreams and decide to keep them in the trunk of the Forgotten Dreams.

If we ever were to tell anyone about them, they immediately would say that our dreams are mere desires and fantasies.

Maybe we want to be famous, multimillionaire or very talented people; but it seems like every aspect of our life is determined to be contrary to those dreams:

We are ugly.
We are small.
We have no talent.
Our physical and intellectual attributes are very poor
We can not afford a good education
We can not invest in things in order to achieve what we want.

Most of us are totally discouraged at this point and then, we try to establish for ourselves humble and small goals. Without having even tried to chase our dreams, we are abandoning what we want most in life because those things just seems impossible.

Some others try and, when confronted with "real life", begin to think that everything is against them. Overwhelmed by the first failures, they decide to stop suffering 'unnecessarily' and forget about something that they believe is something unattainable.

This happened to Rudy too. But listen closely to what the groundskeeper said to him:

Another group of people tend to accept that the opinion of others is the most important thing in the world and they end up accepting -one way or another- that what they can and can not do is always going to be determined by others. For this reason, many people are afraid to share their dreams and projects, because they feel that their motivation increases or decreases according to what others think. In this sense, some of us just dream secretly, we do not want to face ridicule, criticism or judgments. We do not want other people to tell us if we are doing something wrong or right.

But this attitude is telling your conscience things like these:

  • Your dreams are too small
  • Your dreams are too big
  • Your dreams are absurd
  • Your are being irrational for dreaming something like that.
  • Your dreams  are not worth it
  • You are stupid, and your dreams too.
  • Your dreams  do not even deserve to be known by anyone. 

Ultimately, an idea begins to grow in your mind: "It is more important what others think of you than what you think yourself".

Is this the path you are going to walk in your life?

I want to leave you with a video that resumes the movie perfectly.

You can read a slighly different version of this post, in spanish, here: Lucha por tus sueños

Remember that you're allowed to fall, but you must get back up! #YourChangeIsNow

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