Practical Ways To Find A Career You Love

How do people change?

Simple ideas, big changes...

First of all, I want to warn you that here you will not find any tricks, complicated methods or weird strategies to find your passion. Instead, you'll find simple logical steps and ideas. What I offer you here are reflections, questions, simple suggestions, easy-to-implement habits and practical tasks that will not demand much effort or time from you.

So, before judging a task as silly and useless, please try to accomplish it in the best way possible. Prepare your mind and be willing to see things differently. Sometimes a simple change in attitude can change our perspective in a way that we never imagined.

Many times we have the answer right under our noses and we are not able to see them because they seemed so silly, so stupid, and obvious that we did not pay much attention to them. Therefore, you must prepare your mind for reflection. You must allow your mind to shift between perspectives in order to see things under a new light.

Find your passion and spend your life doing something you love

Although the idea that allows change could not be new, the way in which you see it, can be entirely new to you. The "great idea" that can change your own life and help you to find your passion may be an idea that has been hanging around in your head for years without you even know it.

Indeed, this idea does not even have to be a logical one. Human beings are complex. They are not simple machines. The forces that determine their behavior and thinking are so diverse (biological, social, family, physical, personal, spiritual, religious, political, economic, etc.) that is very difficult to identify "the single cause" of their actions and ideas.

Human beings are not simple action-reaction type of organisms. Because of that, the ideas that have the potential to change your life are not based on simple cause and effect, it is not a matter of a simple formula like "if X, then Y".

Sometimes, the source of an event can be a lot further than we suppose. For example, some of the nutrients that make Amazon the lungs of the world (one of the places with more vegetation and humidity of the world), are transported from the desert sands of the Sahara in Africa (one of the driest places of the world). This is not obvious to most of us. In fact, it was required a highly specialized technology to discover this surprising fact about our planet.

Find the unique motivations that separate you from others

So, the first mental task for you is to open your mind to change and transformation. Do not think that logic is the only way to change or transform our lives. Humans do not rely only on logic. If we all acted logically, there would be no problems in the world. We would not destroy the environment, we would not hurt the animals that provide us with food and company, we would not buy things that we do not need, etc.

If the human being does not act only through logical or rational ideas, it is safe to assume that the changes that occur in your life can not be based solely in logical or rational ideas. Connect yourself with the non-rational parts of your existence.

Also, do not think that the idea that will change your life has to be a "great idea" or a "very bright idea". The idea that gives birth to change does not have to be a smart or a big one, it may perfectly be a small silly idea that others would consider foolish or naive. As I will explain to you in another publication, a tiny silly idea can have such a powerful and significant meaning in your life that it can bring change (sometimes, immediately!).

Find your life passion through small simple ideas

If you want to modify the way you think, you need to alter the debilitating belief that life change has to occur through new, complex, logical, brilliant, difficult or complicated thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Replace this debilitating belief by a more beneficial one:
You can find transformation in small and simple ideas.

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Remember that you're allowed to fall, but you must get back up!

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