In my practice as a clinical psychologist, in my relationships with friends and loved ones, in the blog comments and in the messages to my email or the Facebook page of the blog, I'm constantly faced with a complaint like this:

"What do I do to find a passion in my life? There are things I like, but nothing excites me. I know that when I find my passion in life everything will be different, but the problem is I'm not doing what I love because I do not know what it is"

The answer is not simple, nor unique. In fact, there is no magic formula to find the passion in your life. There are no tricks or shortcuts. Each person finds its passion in a very particular way.

What is my passion in life

 What is passion and how can I find it?

Sometimes "passion" is just one thing that you do and you enjoy it. Sometimes it's something you've done for years and suddenly dawns on you that it is what you want to keep doing for the rest of your life. Sometimes it is something that we find once and, under certain special conditions, we note that we have finally found what moves us more than anything in the world.

Other times, "passion" is not an activity, a person or an object, but a mental or emotional change that is implemented in our lives, changes our perspective and allows us to see something that has always been in front of our eyes.

While sometimes the passion of our lives finds us, sometimes we create our passion. In other words, we do not look for passion like a lost treasure, instead, we perform an activity that we choose carefully as our passion.

In this sense, passion can be internal. This means that it can be independent from external stimuli or things. It's not something that affects us positively and definitely as something that happens to us or that we found -like a coin on the sidewalk of a street-. It's something we choose as our path and therefore we develop a carefully crafted plan to make that path our main engine in life.

How do I find my passion?

With this short reflection I want to introduce a new series in the blog, the series about passion. In several posts, I want to explore with you the factors involved in finding and/or creating your passion in life. I want to show you different options and methods for you to stop complaining because you do not have passion in life and you do not know how to get it.

I want you to explore the alternatives that I will offer you. I want you to be willing to try them and do not give up until you find "the it" that will make your life a totally different experience.

In my first publications on passion, I will offer you some preliminary thoughts to get you started thinking about how and why a person changes. Then, in subsequent publications, I will discuss other strategies (some reflexive, other practical ones) with the hope that you can eventually do something effective to discover your passion in life.


You can find a slightly different version of this post, in spanish, here: Encuentra tu pasión en la vida - Primera parte

Remember that you're allowed to fall, but you must get back up!

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