Life Is Beautiful
Life is beautiful

In my last publication in the series about passion, I introduced a powerful idea in your mind that you should consider in your search for your life passion: Simple ideas, big changes. In this next part, I introduce you to another important message: simple ideas, great meanings.

Easy Ways To Find Your Life's Passion
For others, what your passion may seem like a huge chore, but for you it won’t even feel like work.

My interest is to crumble a little the complexity involved in seeking and finding your passion. I want to go step by step and without rushing. I intent to explore small ideas that later will make the difference when we stand before our passion.

Thinking in this simple but progressively will save time and effort, since these keys provide general guidance in our pursuit of passion and allow us to optimize the resources we use in our quest (money, time, mental energy, emotional energy, energy physical, etc.).

Advices to find the passion in life
When your passion fits who you are so well, you stand out as being uniquely capable and powerful.

2. Simple Ideas, new meanings

Passion comes into your life when something changes. It may be a new habit, a new way of thinking, a new way of feeling or a new activity. Whatever it is, you can find passion only through change, so I will focus on the idea of change to speak about passion.

Change in your life is something that often manifests through meaning. This means that your life can change even if everything else remain constant. The world can still be exactly the same but you can see it in a different way if a change of meaning in your mind occurs, in the way you behave or in the way you feel.

Ways to Discover Your Passion and Live a Life You Love
Make your passion your fuel, not your destination.

Changes of meaning

The only condition that must be complied for change to manifest in your life is a change of meaning. In other words, your true passion in life doesn't have to be something completely new, different and complex. On the contrary, your passion in life can manifest itself simply when you find a different meaning to an (old) idea.

To enlighten this idea, I want you to think on a rainy day ...

The clouds are dark, very cold and the force and amount of water is such that it does not let anyone leave their homes. People go out with umbrellas and raincoats, but it's not enough. People try to find refuge under any roof and transportation is slow and uncomfortable. People around you seem annoyed and without energy. Many plans to go out and so something exciting are ruined by the intense rain. People can not go out for ice cream, to walk with the dog, to exercise outdoors, to play sports, etc.

For many people, this day would be a bad day. Just stop and consider the worst rainy day in your life. However, this simply is the meaning that people have given to rain. If you strive to find a different meaning to the same rain, your perception of life and the world can change completely. For example, for nature, a rainy day is a blessing, because it refresh the flora and fauna, rejuvenating all natural things.

Suggestions to know what your life passion is
"You know you’re not doing what you love"

Now, think of the best rainy day in your life ...

Maybe you prepared a hot drink, you sank on the couch with a blanket and did a marathon of your favorite TV series. Maybe you went to bed with your partner and together, you spent all afternoon watching movies. Or maybe you were with some friends, laughing at anything and talking animatedly in your room or your living room. Or, if you were already out with friends, playing football, when it started to rain, you decided to continue with the football game, having fun even though you were all soaked from head to toes. Or rather, you found yourself alone, put on some music and a million thoughts and feelings bathed your mind as you looked at the drops through the window. This way, you had some time for yourself and meditate about many things.

Rainy days have their good points and it's your choice to give them the meaning you prefer. You can stay locked in the house complaining about bad weather or you can improvise and enjoy the possibilities that you still have available. Similarly, if you have an open mind to the new meanings that things can have, one of these days you will stand face to face with your ultimate passion.

Your life lacks a deeper meaning, and you have no idea what you’re really passionate about.
Your life lacks a deeper meaning, and you have no idea what you’re really passionate about? Then, explore new meanings in your existence.

You can read a slightly different version of this post, in spanish, here: Encuentra tu pasión en la vida: Parte 2

Remember that you're allowed to fall, but you must get back up!

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